We work closely with leaders from key employers within the sector to raise skills levels, raise awareness of career opportunities and connect people to opportunities.


Cogent Skills is a not-for-profit organisation and has charitable status. We work with companies across the Science Industries who value our expertise in STEM vocational education.

We have helped to ensure greater collaboration and consistency of approach to employer-led training across a wide range of sectors, including: life sciences, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, polymers and nuclear sectors. These industries are integral to our economy and all present excellent career opportunities to highly skilled individuals who can work successfully within a closely regulated environment. These are fast-moving sectors fuelled by innovation and invention, so there is a constant demand for new and emerging skills. We have a key role to play in bridging the gap between employers and educators and facilitating a successful transition from the classroom to the workplace.

As well as supporting people to make their first steps in industry, Cogent Skills also provides comprehensive and industry-leading training programmes to those already in the sector. We offer a range of process safety and competency assurance courses tailored to the needs of employers. Our courses are designed with science industry employers, are underpinned by national standards of regulatory bodies and meet the unique requirements of the sector.

Cogent Skills has also been very successful in influencing government policy and initiatives in relation to the skills agenda within our sector. We are an organisation with a voice and we continue to lobby in the interests of our sector and those who work within it, asking questions and provoking debate.

Our main office is located in Warrington in Cheshire.